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Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR's)

The condition of an electrical installation can deteriorate greatly with age. Loose connections, poor installation methods and damaged cables or equipment are just a few examples of non-compliances that have the potential to cause an electrical fire, damage to equipment, or even electric shock. 


An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) consists of a detailed inspection and series of safety tests to ensure your premises are in safe condition for continued use. The results are carefully analysed and a full report issued to the client, communicating property condition, and any recommended remedial work, if necessary. 


EIT Group Ltd are specialists in this field, serving the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. From studio flats to offices, to large complex industrial premises, we have all our clients' needs covered.





Frequency of Inspection & Testing

The period between inspections varies depending on the type of premises and their use. Examples are listed below as a guide:

  • Industrial - 3 years or change of tenancy/occupancy

  • Commercial - 5 years or change of tenancy/occupancy

  • Domestic Homeowners - 10 years or change of occupancy

  • Domestic Landlords - 5 years or change of tenancy

Our clients inspection dates are continuously monitored with contact made as the due date approaches. 

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